Predictive asset grading

Townley Brothers can enable water company clients to calculate predictive asset live values for their entire GIS pipe asset stock, whereby digital soil type attributes can be allocated to each pipe section. This will allow external corrosion rates to be applied to enable extrapolation of asset deterioration rates which are allocated to each Ferrous and Asbestos Cement pipe. External and internal deterioration rates are calculated using a vast data set of physically measured values from around the country, correlated with measured corrosion or deterioration rates from the clients area.  A resulting asset ‘service life’ can be calculated for each item, using physical and environmental attributes, in a similar fashion to the pipe sample calculation formulae. This enables water companies not only to target investigation and expenditure for mains rehabilitation, but also identify likely sections of the network at risk of leakage and supply interruption.

We have extensive experience within these areas.