Pipe Sampling / Destructive Analysis Services

Pipe Sampling has been used over the last 15 years within the UK water industry as a standard methodology for obtaining pipeline condition and service life data to enable better informed planning of distribution network replacement and refurbishment programmes.

Pipe sampling involves the water company or their contractors collecting a sample of water main or sewer pipeline. This pipe is either sent directly to us for analysis at our Laboratory, or we pick up the ‘bagged and tagged’ samples directly from water company depots.

 Photography is carried out before and after all stages of the testing process. A water volume test is carried out on any pipes where internal pipe wall tuberculation is present, allowing accurate determination of bore volume and bore volume loss. The pipe samples are then sliced longitudinally before grit blasting.

After blasting wall thickness and pit depths on the internal and external surface of the pipe are measured. Data is the entered into our own proprietary database and a resulting service life and condition grade can be determined. A full reporting service is provided with photographs for the client. Pipe samples are stored for 12 months for audit purposes prior to recycling.

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