Field Asset surveys using hand held computers with differential GPS

We carry out asset surveys in the field using a hand held Trimble Differential GPS system. This system is powered by Windows mobile version 6 and allows data to be collected with sub metre accuracy on a repeatable basis.  Combining the high accuracy GPS with background mapping allows our field crews to collect many geospatial asset data requirements.

We now use our system as standard on pipeline surveys where it allows field data collection and then upload of positional information back into corporate systems. There are other areas where repeatable and highly accurate geospatial asset data collection is required, such as water main valve surveys.

Upon completion of the survey the data can be directly transferred to a higher level   ESRI  Arc  GIS where further manipulation and presentational formats can be processed.

The upload of collected field data, to corporate GIS datasets, can be defined by the customers own rule base, as required.