About Us

During the last twenty years our staff have direct experience of field asset survey, office support, and provision of bespoke solutions for data collection, carried out in a number of areas which include:

Deep Water oil exploration in the USA, offshore inspection of pipelines in Egypt, development of sonar systems for inspection of flooded pipelines in Germany and India, ground penetrating radar inspections of concrete water pipelines in South Africa, development of an internet based mapping system to help manage sewer flooding in Wales, development of mobile hand held systems for collection of railway incident information in Scotland, condition assessment of water mains and sewer rising mains throughout the UK.

Our core values are excellence, safety and sustainability:

  • Pursuit of excellence for our consultancy services utilising the best technology that we have at our disposal, with projects delivered on time and budget
  • Safe delivery of our services to protect our staff, our customers and the public
  • Building a sustainable, back to basics business, with the recognition that people are the most important asset not only for our own organisation, but also for our Clients and the Customers and Communities they serve.